Common Mistakes to Avoid When Working with Bloggers


Unobvious problems that you will definitely face

The article describes in detail the main points that you should pay attention to when buying traffic through bloggers. Short list:

1) Review the streamer’s activity within the past 3 months;
2) Statistics of the blogger’s communication channel;
3) Remember about CPA cheat!;
4) Registration of documents and contracts;
5) Advertising of a product in your head ≠ how streamers will implement it in reality;
6) Retention.

Review the streamer’s activity within the past 3 months

A blogger who streams, for example, a casual game does not always have a casual audience.

We often think that if a blogger streams how he plays “My Farm”, then people who love “My Farm” are watching him. In fact, people from a completely different segment can watch it. That’s why:

for example, a streamer may have a large audience during a live, but it may turn out that his audience simply likes to watch the blogger himself as a character, and not the games he plays. Or, for example, before that, he streamed only hardcore games for 2 years, and now he got carried away with casual ones – the audience remained hardcore.

Numbers: don’t focus on the number of followers & subscribers

Request channel statistics and rely on it. This is important, because both views and followers can be cheated, and the data itself can be random. Statistics also allows you to see the average duration of viewing, the degree of involvement in the stream.

There is a good case: one blogger had more than 600,000 subscribers on YouTube. For a year, he did not post anything on his channel, but after that he began to occasionally upload videos that averaged 15,000 views with 600,000 subscribers. This is very little! At the same time, it is precisely 600,000 subscribers who are sold to a person who does not understand, who, in fact, are inactive.

That is why it is so important to rely on real numbers and transparent statistics.

Remember about CPA cheat!

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