Game launch: which markets to test and how to work with metrics.

4 min.

We, the INCYMO.A team, love gaming and the people who work in the industry. We create free content that is useful for the creating and developing of more interesting and high-quality games. That’s why we’re launching a new section – interviews with industry experts, where they will share their experience and expertise on various topics.

Our first guest is Michael Khripin, a producer and product owner with over 10 years of experience in gaming companies. Michael has worked at Nexters, Wargaming, and Drimmi on social, mobile, and browser games. He specializes in F2P online games with a network of advanced monetization approaches.

In the article, we discussed with Michael the game launch process:

  • Which countries to test the game on?
  • How to determine by metrics whether the product is viable?
  • What features should be a priority at launch?

Let’s go!

Michael, let’s talk today about game launch. Let’s say there are guys who are planning to launch and test a game. What is your recommendation on which countries they should test it on?

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