What is wrong with top mobile battlers? Part II

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One of the most easily understandable resources in a battler after virtual currency, but approaches to energy in games vary.

Raid Shadow Legends uses both specific energy values and refilling bottles

As the player’s level goes up, the energy limit increases. One bottle restores maximum energy. As the player levels up, the benefits of energy bottles over normal energy become more evident. When buying, players will prefer offers with energy bottles in them.

Players are prevented from spending all the energy at once as they must participate and watch all the battles. Although the game has the word “Raid” in its title, there are no actual raids in it. It is possible to start battles automatically, but that takes time and requires purchasing tickets or a subscription that gives bonuses along with the tickets. This is a good monetization of the user experience.

The screenshot shows how much energy has been accumulated, yet the game still offers to buy more energy. Viewing conversion by the player decreases with each subsequent offer. Players look at the second offer in similar rotations of offers with a 50-60% probability. Incorrect prioritization reduces potential revenue.

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