Battle Pass mechanics from A to Z. Part II

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How can the basic version of the Battle Pass be improved?

Information window

Usually, the player is led by the hand with a short Battle Pass tutorial. Sometimes the tutorial ends with a direct request to click on the purchase information.

In one project, forcing the player to click on the purchase info increased conversion from 20% to 23%. Great numbers!A project of a similar genre had a conversion rate of 14%, and the same AB test showed no significant result.

Usually, the player is informed on how to obtain Battle Pass progress in the information windows. However, some games use information windows to present the main reward. This option is preferable as it raises player motivation to buy the Battle Pass. The main reward can be some form of customization option (avatar, image, skin) or soft currency.

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Seekers Notes Hidden Objects

It can be presented in the information window, as well as the Battle Pass launch window.

Walking Dead Road to Survival

At the same time, there are options for implementing the battle pass mechanics inside event windows. This implementation works well for trial runs and the first launch.

Rise of Kingdoms

Pixel Gun 3D Online Shooter

The developers of Pixel Gun 3D not only present the main reward but also use its image on the Battle Pass purchase button. This can help convert to a Battle Pass purchase, as it is directly related to the main reward.

Presentation of paid and free reward paths

The option of two roads with the same number of rewards can be considered the default one.

Forge of Empires Build a City

This example shows a simple interface layout that allocates a lot of space to the rewards. There is almost no visual accent for paid rewards, only golden borders around them and a contrasting dark background. In general, it can be said that InnoGames developers did not adopt the best solutions available on the market. This is, however, their first launch of the pass, made for the annual Bowl Championship event.

8 Ball Pool™

This example features some interesting solutions:

1. The premium rewards are at the bottom, as is the “Buy Pass” button. This means that free rewards are harder to collect, and the player feels more like missing out on good rewards every time;
2. Premium rewards have a strong visual accent making them more visible;
3. There are more premium rewards, and they are visually accentuated: the strip of premium rewards is wider; certain levels give you two rewards simultaneously.

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