Battle Pass mechanics from A to Z. Part III 

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What other ideas could increase Battle Pass sales?

Pixel Gun 3D

In this example, the developers emphasize the profitability of the more expensive version of the pass through:

  1. the bright contrast of the image;
  2. the list of rewards;
  3. arranging the elements of the rewards in a large “pile”.

Left to Survive 

Above is a good example of actual sales magic for the following reasons:

  1. highlighting profitability points and the check boxes show the difference better than a simple list;
  2. the more expensive purchase is color-coded to convey its priority: gold attracts more attention than blue;
  3. button arrangement: anything in the middle always attracts more attention.

Pixel Gun 3D

Here the developers offer cheap pass progression bundles. It can work particularly well for players who have yet to receive all the rewards by the end of the season. At the same time, such players will not buy big bundles 2-3 times more expensive than the pass itself, and buying a simple Battle Pass progression does not look relevant and attractive. They offer a 90% discount here — this is a strong argument: even if, in actuality, it is lower, it still exists. Direct purchase of 720 experience points costs $10, while in the bundle it 3x cheaper!

Pixel Gun 3D 

Another interesting solution is the possibility for players to purchase experience as a gift. And this works well in social games! Buying gifts will give you up to 10% additional spending on all pass-related sales.

Why is this interesting? Such purchases do not give the buyer progress and power, do not cannibalize their spendings and do not accelerate their progress.

So why would players need them? To use as an encouragement tool for active guild members; to give presents to their less wealthy friends. Sometimes these are purchases from the parents’ account for a child if payments are blocked on the child’s device.

Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE

This project, in our opinion, had three major problems:

  1. the location of the buttons for switching rewards at the top. It is extremely inconvenient for any player of this game, seeing as the hands are usually held near the bottom when playing the game;
  2. the Battle Pass purchase button was located at the top;
  3. inconvenient and almost imperceptible selection of weekly tasks. 

Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE

These issues have since been addressed, and many changes have appeared in the newer versions of the pass: the purchase button is now lower on the screen, and the tasks button is closer and brighter; the slider for changing the weekly tasks is now clearly visible. In addition, the developers have added daily, weekly, and seasonal tasks and even duplicated the Battle Pass purchase button.

Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons!

In Merge Dragons, although the final and most important reward in the pass are the two unique dragons, the focus of the Battle Pass is on another essence that players appreciate and are better acquainted with.

Merge Dragons!

In addition, the premium part offers not only resources but also what can be called “perks” or bonuses, nice benefits for pass holders.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale also offers the following bonuses:

  1. unlimited participation in events (which was a good spending point for players);
  2. the ability to queue a chest for opening, which is very handy.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has more bonuses to offer:

  1. resource increases for activities by the end of the season. They also need to be spent, otherwise, they might get stolen. It makes for potential new expenses or even an immediate purchase of a new Battle Pass;
  2. acceleration of all cycles, which, of course, is convenient for all players;
  3. the ability to give out troops for 1 gem is a great discount often used by active guilds.

Supercell uses the Battle Pass to sell amenities and claims that it is more convenient to play with them than without.

It is an important point: if one uses the Battle Pass just to sell resources, it simply remains a good deal to exchange the player’s time for a higher discount. It is guaranteed to cannibalize the purchase of packages, so the purchases of the Battle Pass from active players will decrease over time. The sale of passes with bonuses creates the need for the player to buy them regularly, and restarting them back to back helps with that.

Hustle Castle: Rise of knights

But what about players who do not buy Battle Passes? How can developers profit from them? uses this as an opportunity to improve Admon, an additional placeholder for video ads.

Hustle Castle: Rise of knights

And what about players who get few rewards but are still willing to keep playing and buy progress?

A good example would be a competitive game format that employs a ranking system and takes into account the different progress levels of players: not everyone is in a hurry to increase the account level. High-paying users who do not want to level up can fight here, experience new emotions, and pay you for it, of course.


All projects solve the problem of leveling up in the pass in their own ways. Usually, they offer to get additional rewards when the player completes all the levels in the pass. These can be chests with a random reward or “lamps” like in the example above.


Playrix offers their players a unique experience: the Battle Pass mini-games change every 4 days. Players earn Battle Pass progress for two types of activities:

  1. completing the usual daily farm cycle tasks;
  2. completing tasks for mini-game activities.

But buyers of the pass get mini-game quests indefinitely, while non-payers have to wait for each one.

So, what’s interesting here? The fresh emotions in each mini-game for the payers! Many of these mini-games include a leaderboard and may have additional costs.

What are some of the problems Battle Pass interfaces might have?

One common problem is in the presentation. How do you show all the rewards on one screen without overcrowding it? In the example above, the list is in a separate block.

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